Customized Ang Bao for the New Year

With the Chinese New Year, there comes a tradition called Ang Baos. These are monetary gifts that come in red packaging. Having customized Ang Bao gifts for employees can be a fun way to celebrate the New Year.

Ang Baos are typically reserved for families. Married people are considered adults and they give these gifts to single people. Married people also give them to their parents as a symbol of a wish for longevity.

If you are thinking about incorporating this tradition into the workplace, then it could be a welcome gesture. People are often very receptive to getting gifts, especially ones with money inside.

There are a few things to remember about Ang Baos. For one, these red envelopes should only contain even amounts of money. This is because it is considered good luck to give even numbers. Also, the money should be given in crisp, new dollar bills. This is because it is a symbol of new beginnings so the condition of the money does matter.

Finally, you might struggle with how much to incorporate in the customized Ang Bao. Firstly, if you are doing this as a bonus for employees, then you might want to give higher amounts. Something with $80 will really give an employee money to put towards something nice. This is a given when it comes to an ang bao and get to know more here.

If you are just giving it as a symbolic gesture, then two to four dollars is nice. This will provide a person with money to go buy a coffee and maybe a pastry. It’s really the thought that counts because people might not expect anything.

Your company will benefit from loyal employees when you pay attention to the little things. After all, that’s what the joy of an Ang Bao is supposed to symbolize- well wishes for a new year and good luck.


Beauty of Halal Catering

Halal catering food is beneficial because despite of the religious aspect of this food, it is actually better for human consumption. Halal animals are healthy because they are raised on several vegetarian diets and are not treated by given antibiotics or other growth hormones like it is done for the genetically modified breeds. Basically halal food is safe for your health. During slaughter, the process is quick and done in a humane way to avoid brutality and much pain. The blood is completely drained from the animal so it doesn’t feel disgusting when eating. This process flushes out all the toxins and other bacteria from the animal’s body according to

Catering needs to be halal in Singapore to maintain humanity during preparation of halal foods from growth to preparation for consumption like during slaughtering. It is forbidden to consume dead and decaying animals, pork and blood or animal slaughtered through brutal means like strangulation, beating, or piercing. They are called haram foods.

In as much as it is human, it is a great way of preserving the health of the people in Singapore by ensuring they consume healthy foods as per the Islamic doctrine. Antibiotics and growth hormones used to fatten halal animals can contain traces of carcinogenic components that are harmful for human consumption.

Halal catering should be encouraged in Singapore to ensure animals are raised in a proper manner without inflicting pain on them. It encourages natural growth making the animal healthier and free from components or elements that can be harmful to your health. This will prevent animal maltreatment and preservation of their rights. It is as much a healthier way of consuming meats and fish. Halal catering allows for dietary restrictions even in events and adhere to the Muslim dietary low thereby maintaining and preserving the Islamic religion among both the young and old.


Guide to Choosing MBA Courses

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is now one of the major credentials required in the business world. The degree provides a evidence to probable managers on the managing, communication, business and tactical capabilities of an individual to become effective professionals or administrators in a business area.

With bachelor’s degree as the bare minimum requirement, any person can acquire the degree from well-known colleges and universities that offer internet Master of business administration training. Online courses are popular especially among professional planning to update career.

Internet Master of business administration is generally devised on the model of distance education generally available from primary educational facilities as part of the course load. It is invented for people not able to actually participate in frequent instructional classes. Each and every student enrolled in the program is provided with study material through classes online, seminars and information products.

On the hand normal Master of business administration course is part of training in a college or university wherein trainees attend lecture classes regularly. In terms of cost, web program in several colleges or universities is less expensive than regular types. Even so, web MBA courses just offer theoretical education than real knowledge. They are very helpful and versatile for employees planning to acquire a master’s education while graduate students who have just graduated from college regular Master of business administration is an ideal choice from

You must make a choice from highly regarded and deemed educational facilities. This may be realized by carrying out detailed online research of various educational institutions or institutions. It would also be best to seek advice from individuals who have joined such courses and also give some thought to their experiences when learning from a particular school.

The other main aspect to look into is the overall costs involved when enrolling in such programs. The expenses to be considered include things like college tuition fees, study substance prices, travelling expenditures, etc. This will assist you to protect yourself from attaining high fees in the long run. It would also be best to search for schools that offer financial aid. This is an added benefit in order to reduce college or university fees.


Lifestyle Electronics Store

There are hundreds of lifestyle electronics store all over the world for the customers to access with being among the leading ones. Well, as a customer you have to be cautious when buying from these stores to ensure that you are purchasing genuine products, and they will be delivered as well. Apart from focusing on quality of the gadgets, the following are essential tips to guide you when buying from the lifestyle electronics stores.

• The payment mode.

The stores have different payment modes whereby the customers are supposed to choose a way that will not be inconvenient to them. Therefore, before signing up, make sure to check the available payment channels to see if they are reliable or not. The standard methods of payment include master cards, debit and credit cards, and also PayPal.

• The warranty.

Electronics are quite sensitive when it comes to quality since it is quite easy to buy a gadget that is low quality from the stores. So, the only way to ensure that the electronics that you have purchased are of high quality, and are from the actual manufacturers, you have to receive a warranty from the store you buy from. Therefore make sure that the product you buy is shipped with a warranty for quality assurance.

• The shipping terms.

The shipping time differs in various stores whereby some may take just three working days before they deliver your electronics while others may take up to a week to provide the products. So, the choice of the store to buy from will depend on your requirement and needs as the customer. If you want the product delivered within the shortest period, check out the best stores shipping within that time.

Discount offers.

Some lifestyle electronics stores like offer huge discounts on various products. It could be a new product that they have added to their stock, or they want to finish up the previous inventory. Therefore, before you buy the gadget, check out the stores that are selling that product to find the store selling it at a fair price.


Best Way to Learn Swimming

Swimming is recommended for everyone since it has health benefits and you can save yourself or someone else from drowning. Aside from finding a good swimming instructor t teach you how to swim, you can also learn by yourself using the following steps. Make sure to find a good swimming pool and also ensure that the area that you are swimming at has people around just in case you require their help.

Best way to learn swimming

• Get into the water and walk to the shallow area.

It is important that you get used to the water first before you submerge your body to avoid shock. Therefore get into the swimming pool and walk slowly on the edges until you find a shallow end on the pool. Note that the area that you are walking at should have water that reaches your armpit or at least reach your waist area.

• Learn how to be in the water.

When swimming, most of the times your face will be in the water and therefore, it is recommended that you learn how to hold your bubbles in water. So, once you get to the shallow end, hold on to something maybe the small staircases found on the edges of the swimming pool. Then place your face in the water and hold your breath. Do this for several turns until you become comfortable in the water.

• Learn how to float.

This is the most essential part of swimming lesson that you need to fully understand in order to be able to move in the water. So, in the same area of the swimming pool, take a deep breath and hold on to something. Then lift your feet as you face in front and try to float your body. Make sure to balance well for the body to stay up on the water surface. This may take a few trials but with the right practice, you will be able to learn how to float comfortably.


Guide to Choosing a Good Baby Blankets

When it comes to shopping for a baby’s blanket, there are various things that one needs to keep in the mind so you can be able to buy a durable and efficient blanket. ‘First off, you need to keep your baby’s health a priority thus the need to buy a warm and skin friendly blanket. Also, you don’t want to keep on going back to the shop to buy a new blanket all the time and in this case, you need to focus on durability and sustainability of the blanket.

So how do you choose a baby’s blanket?

  • The purpose

The first thing you need to know is the purpose of buying the blanket. This is because there are tones of blankets that are sold on the market. For example, do you want a blanket for covering the baby when sleeping at night, or for use during the day and when traveling in the car? This is an essential question that you need to ask yourself since the textures of the blankets for these purposes are different. A baby blanket for use during the night should be warmer and for during the day should be light and washable as the baby tends to soil it all the time.

  • Durable materials

Check on the material that is used to make the blanket since it determines the durability of the blanket. A blanket like Allyzabba that the baby will be using often tends to get soiled all the time and you may be required to wash it regularly. So, such materials should not be stretchy or easily get damaged by constant washing.

  • Soft materials

Baby’s skin requires to be handled with gentle things and therefore the blanket that you purchase should be made with soft material that will keep them warm. The best types of materials to buy include woolen and cotton materials.

Follow the above buying guide to help you choose the best blanket for your baby. Consider the size also if you want the baby to grow with the blanket.


Finding Quality Online Florists

There are many great florists that run their businesses online. This can help people who are ordering flowers for someone that does not live in the same city as them. Flowers are appropriate for a number of social occasions, so it prudent to find a company online for those times that you can’t be there for a loved one.


Just because a business is online does not mean that it should cost an arm and a leg. After all, flowers are meant to be a symbol of love. It should never be as expensive as buying a ring. Flowers die, and people forget about the gift. Do not choose online florists like Dpetals that rip customers off with the arrangements.

Ease of Use

Some florists are not worth hiring. There are some disorganized shops that do not get the flowers to the actual person. They also leave them on the doorstep to rot if they cannot get to the person. Others don’t have a reliable delivery service and will keep phoning you for directions. That can really take the joy out of giving flowers. So try to find one that is easy to arrange delivery with. Also, be organized yourself by knowing where a good time and place is to drop of the gift.


Shops are getting better at designing more creative arrangements. You should expect some ideas that make the shop stand out from the competition. It is nice getting flowers, but it is even better when it looks like some thought and care went into the execution of the gift. Since you cannot do it for the shop, you have to find a shop where you find that the arrangements are meaningful and well thought out. Otherwise, it will just look like you slapped the bouquet together using a discount service.


The Importance of Healthy Restaurants and the New Craze about Them

Do you want to know the importance of healthy restaurants? When it comes saving money and having longer shelve lives, restaurants have always depended on processed foods, for example, canned foods. However, in recent years, many restaurants have begun to offer guests food made with fresh ingredients. The reason is customers are becoming aware of the negative health results that processed foods generate in the long run. In this post, we’ll look at why healthy restaurants like YOLO are becoming increasingly popular.

Consumer Education

While at the grocery store, many consumers believe that they are making healthy choices. However, things such as “diet” bars contain mystery ingredients and artificial sugars, which mean they don’t get the best results. In recent years, some television shows, articles and books have enlightened customers by exposing unhealthy ingredients. That means consumers are choosing to eat in healthy restaurants.

Fresh Food Tastes Great and Are Better Than Processed Food

Food that is in season is delicious. It means customers are more likely to visit restaurants that prepare food from fresh ingredients. By choosing to visit healthy restaurants, many people are finding it faster and simple to live a healthy lifestyle, hence the new craze.

Seasonal and Local Foods Are Starting To Dominate

Internet connectivity has made information to be more available. That means that people are becoming knowledgeable about local foods and those in season. The result is that people are asking for food made from local ingredients since they will be fresh. Remember that by supporting local restaurants, you help to create employment in the community and improve the economy.


Healthy restaurants are becoming the best option for people intending to live a better lifestyle. Chefs are enhancing their knowledge on local foods and how to prepare them, which means if you want to get the best meals and enjoy the new craze, you should consider consuming food made from fresh ingredients.


Guide to Studying in Singapore

Studying in Singapore can be a fun adventure. This country has a lot going on, and even trying new cuisine can be a delightful experience. The following is a guide to studying in Singapore.

Try New Cuisine

This is one of the activities that are most enjoyable in Singapore. Eating can be an adventure where you will find that noodles are freshly made. There are not a lot of places in the world that are as serious about noodles as the Chinese. You can expect a lot of fresh food cooked at the place of service. This might be a welcome respite to the frozen food that is warmed up at other restaurants. The Chinese serve it fresh because that is how it tastes best.

Get used to Cramped Quarters

Singapore is a large city where you will not find deserted alley ways like other countries. There is no wide open country. This can make you feel really safe if you get used to it. There will always be many people walking the same street as you at all times of the day- even night time. One perk is the late night study session can always be accompanied by fresh food as the Chinese will keep their establishments open 24-7 to account for those who work or study late. And since the city is full of such hard workers, that is most of the city.

Don’t Expect Five Star Accommodations

You are lucky to have your own place at all in this city. There are people that actually live in gaming cubicles because the rent of having one’s own place is too expensive. They cook their noodles in a small enclosed area in the hallway and just fall asleep in the cubicle until the next day. Other Chinese people sleep under their desks. This is a way of life so when you have a tiny pad of your own, be grateful.


Basic Guide to Laser Eye Surgery

We all need a map sometimes to guide us through an uncharted territory. The same can apply to laser eye surgery. People who get the procedure need a guide to help them prepare for the process.

One thing to know about laser eye surgery is that every process can be a bit different. Buildings are located in different places and so on. So, one of the best things to do is familiarize oneself with how to access the surgery building. Do a trial run there with the person that is driving you to your surgery like for LASIK in Singapore. This way, you will know where to park when the time comes. Also, the person who is helping you will not get lost the next time.

Since surgery is not a procedure that can be easily rescheduled, you will need to get to the building at least 30 minutes early. This means you enter the building with 30 minutes to fill out paper work and prepare yourself. You will be able to have that last minute washroom break without disrupting the surgeon at the time of the procedure. You pay a lot of money for surgery, so it is best to ensure that even if traffic is bad or there is an accident, you will still arrive to work on time. This is a given for having less stress regarding the entire procedure. It also can’t be healthy for a person to be pumping a lot of adrenaline while going under the nice. Be considerate to your own body and give it some time to prepare itself.

When you get eye surgery, expect there to be some pain or discomfort afterwards. You just did something major to your eyes. It will take some getting used to. Always follow the physicians instructions for after care to a tee. Bring a pen and paper to write down anything that is said before the surgery that might help you after.