Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2015

Web design trends are constantly changing and 2015 is no exception. With Google’s new algorithm causing upheaval in the web design world, there has been a drive for change this year and a move away from complex, visual intensive websites towards clean, simpler lines. Here are 5 of the top design trends for this year:


1. Mobile optimization


There’s no doubt about it, optimizing web design for mobile users is big news. Google’s new algorithm has meant that companies have raced to make their pages mobile friendly in time for the big change. Only pages that offer a good user experience for mobile devices are boosted to the top of the search engine rankings, so fast loading, mobile friendly trends are on the increase.


2. Simplicity


The key to this year’s design trend is simplicity and responsiveness. In short, help the user to achieve their aim as quickly as possible. Easy to use interfaces combine with a great looking website to lead more visits to conversions.


3. Flat Design


One of the biggest trends this year is towards the polished, easy to use flat design. Allowing for much faster page load times, flat design feeds into the move towards simplicity with its simple lines and minimalistic elements.


4. Scrolling


Scrolling sites are on the increase. This caters for the new mobile optimized trend as scrolling is much easier for mobile users than endlessly clicking and waiting for a new page to load. Infinite scrolling boosts page load speed as it only loads a small amount of content at a time.


5. Single Pages


Another trend that feeds into the drive for simplicity, companies are moving towards a single page website to showcase their product. Condensing all necessary information into a single page is mobile friendly, simple to navigate and allows a quick overview of a product or service.