Just How Do Facebook Dynamic Ads Work For All To Know?

Facebook has been a very dominating presence in the social media world now for close to ten years now. However, as of 2015, this news guru is trying on a new hat of sorts. What is this new hat? This new hat that is being tried on for size is no other than the latest unfolding of Facebook Dynamic Ads. This is not something that comes as a tremendous surprise to seasoned retail marketers. Facebook Dynamic Ads is a very newsworthy and strong contender to go up against the likes of market giants such as Amazon and Google.

This latest advertising program is something that was launched earlier on this year. It is an advertising program that can go on to bigger and better things. These bigger and better things are all about groundbreaking money that can be made for both the social network and its related advertisers. This is something that is in thanks to extensive user-data and targeting capabilities. What Facebook Dynamic Product Ads does offer is very clear. It has numerous options for advertising for retailers. It also includes a very engaging product image carousel that does feature three products. These three products are all focused in one single ad unit that is called a multi-product ad.

How do retailers leverage Facebook advertising for 2015?


 1. Properly Setup The Business Manager

The very best of all entry ways into Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is by making sure that all retailers do have their Business Managers set up and working right. The things they will need to make this happen do include a personal Facebook account, first of all, and also an ad account, which is capable of being moved to Business Manager. They also do require to have a working Facebook page that can also be moved to Business Manager as well. What also is suggested to be added to Business Manager are all the names, as well as, any working email addresses for all of the retailers that they would like to add to their business as well.


 2. Installation of Facebook Conversion Pixel

There are two benefits that do go along with installing the Facebook Conversion Pixel.

  • Ad Optimization – Facebook will display ads automatically to those users who are more than likely to convert.
  • Measurement – Retailers get the ability to see just how much they are having to spend for each and every conversion that is made by them. They can fine-tune their ads to calculate exact return on an ad spend.

In order to install Facebook’s Conversion Pixel – Retailers will have to follow four detailed steps. These four steps are creation of the pixel itself, adding the pixel to the website, using pixel for ad optimization, and also measuring conversions.

If you would like to know more on how to use Facebook’s Conversion Pixel. Please visit Facebook’s Ad Manager for more information.