How to Choose a Good Accountant

When looking to hire an accounting firm there are many things to keep in mind. Having a good account can help a person save thousands of dollars a year and legally reduce their tax liability. Below are some of the points to take note when outsourcing your accounting services to a 3rd party to do:


Be sure to get a price upfront from the accountant. Accounts may charge a set price for specific services such as filling out a tax return. Others may charge a person for each form that they have to fill out. Be sure to get an idea of how much their services are going to cost and how they bill their clients.

 Proper Certifications

Be sure that the accounts is a Certified Public Accountant and is in good standing. Accountants have to do a specific amount of continuing education credits each year so it is important to make sure the accountant is up to date with these requirements.


Some accountants will only prepare income tax returns while others offer a variety of services. Some accountants will perform payroll and book keeping services as well. If these services are needed be sure to find an accountant that will provide these services.

These are just some of the things to look for when hiring an accountant. Be sure that the accountant offers all needed services and is in good standing with their certification and practice.