What Makes A Good Dentist

There are many things that go into making a good dentist, which are important indeed in order for a dentist to have a good practice with many satisfied patients and for patients to feel comfortable and to have their fears and anxieties relieved in relation to having various types of dental work done.

Below are some of the points in choosing a reliable dental clinic in Singapore:

Good manual dexterity

Good manual dexterity is a must for the dentist since the mouth of the patient is a very small space in which to work. Various procedures require the dentist fromĀ to have good coordination and steadiness in his or her hands. This makes the dentist be able to make the tools function more easily as he or she tries to get the job done well for the patient.

Strong interpersonal skills

A dentist should be a people person. He or she should be able to look the patient in the eye and not stare off somewhere else when he or she is talking to the patient or when the patient is talking to them. A good dentist is someone who is indeed personable and has the good ability to put his or her patients at ease.

Compassion and honesty

Compassion and honesty in the dentistry field are essential in relation to dealing with patients. Dental problems can have a tendency to affect several areas of the patient’s life. Dentists should be sensitive to the problems that can be generated by a poor quality of dental health. Compassion sets the patient at ease and the honesty of the dentist enables the patient to trust the dentist’s judgment, skills and quality of dental work.

Excellent communication skills

Really, excellent communication skills are very important for every dentist to possess in order to be able to ensure that they can relate to their patients their diagnosis, treatment and the kind of preventative care that is necessary for good oral and dental health. Part of the job requires the dentist to explain technical information in a way that is easy for the patient to understand.