Getting the best moving service for your buck

There are several things to consider when choosing movers. First, keep in mind the kind of move you expect to do. Are you going to be moving locally, just across town? Maybe you are going to another area of the country. Do you need an interstate mover? Some companies specialize in local moving, while others offer local as well as national services. The other consideration is international movers. They specialize in moving household and personal items around the world. The international mover will move your belongings, and usually they handle special packing so the customs services in different countries can inspect everything without damage to your belongings. All these are qualified movers in the services they provide. Your job is to pick the right category of mover as well as the one you feel most qualified to do your moving services.

Next, you should consider different movers that are qualified in your particular type of moving. Some local companies who specialize in their own metropolitan area, can have special tariffs that are lower than state or interstate tariffs. As long as they have good insurance built into their rates, these can be the perfect choice for a frugal but qualified move. There are intrastate movers that move household items inside state lines. Many of these companies are regulated by the state and don’t vary in their hourly prices. the interstate movers are probably the brand names that you know and have heard people talk about when transferring from one state to another. The interstate movers almost always charge by capacity and distance. Most of these moving services offer free pre-move estimates and you will get a feel for the company from the estimator. Price could also be a deciding factor when looking for a qualified mover.

Questions you should decide before calling the mover of your choice are:

  1. Am I going to save money by doing my own packing?
  2. Does the moving service of my choice have packing material at reasonable prices?
  3.  Can I buy packing material for a better price locally?
  4.  Would I rather use my time for more important things and have the mover do the packing?
  5.  Since the mover insures my cargo, am I better to let expert packers do the packing and replace anything that gets damaged?
  6.  If the mover packs, will I unpack? All packing and unpacking is usually charged by the hour.

Moving can be traumatic or stress free, depending on your choice of mover. Always check for the included insurance for the upcoming transfer of your precious personal belongings. Also check to see rates for additional insurance should you have valuables that won’t quite be covered by the company’s included insurance. The estimator is obligated to let you know exactly what your liability is when you don’t buy additional insurance.

Another thing to consider, is the equipment the mover uses to do the moving. You may have a large safe that will require a safe dolly, or their may be special considerations that have to be made to move large items from the top floor by pulleys and large cables. It is not good to have movers fumbling down steps with items that are too heavy for them to move safely by hand. Grand and Baby Grand Pianos should be moved by four men with a special piano board that has it’s own protective blankets and straps.

Movers are professional furniture handlers and the moving customer should pay special attention to suggestions that they make about loading order and destination meets. Always ask for a phone number to contact the mover when you are ready to set up your new household.