How Amazon Alexa Can Help Businesses To Grow

Alexa, the voice assistant that was developed by Amazon, has been made available to developers for free as part of Amazon’s plans to establish Alexa as a serious rival to Siri and Cortana. Alexa is the core behind their new product, Amazon Echo. This will allow it to be used with other apps, as developers can build support for it directly into their own apps. The process of integrating Alexa into apps has been made as simple as possible, with the hope that it will be just as simple for novice developers, as it will for those working within well established businesses.

A number of companies have already taken Amazon up on their offer, due to the benefits this will have for their business. The type of industry that these companies operate in is quite varied, but they all plan to use Alexa in the same way, to make things easier for their customers. The types of business that are using Alexa range from security companies to those that make toys that help parents communicate with their children when they are away from home.

In addition to making Alexa available for free, Amazon have also announced that start ups and those who develop apps and build gadgets will also be eligible to apply for funding from a $100 million fund to support the development of voice activated devices. This has the potential to vastly increase the amount of use that Alexa will get in the near future, as companies take advantage of this funding that they may have struggled to get from elsewhere.