Beauty of Halal Catering

Halal catering food is beneficial because despite of the religious aspect of this food, it is actually better for human consumption. Halal animals are healthy because they are raised on several vegetarian diets and are not treated by given antibiotics or other growth hormones like it is done for the genetically modified breeds. Basically halal food is safe for your health. During slaughter, the process is quick and done in a humane way to avoid brutality and much pain. The blood is completely drained from the animal so it doesn’t feel disgusting when eating. This process flushes out all the toxins and other bacteria from the animal’s body according to

Catering needs to be halal in Singapore to maintain humanity during preparation of halal foods from growth to preparation for consumption like during slaughtering. It is forbidden to consume dead and decaying animals, pork and blood or animal slaughtered through brutal means like strangulation, beating, or piercing. They are called haram foods.

In as much as it is human, it is a great way of preserving the health of the people in Singapore by ensuring they consume healthy foods as per the Islamic doctrine. Antibiotics and growth hormones used to fatten halal animals can contain traces of carcinogenic components that are harmful for human consumption.

Halal catering should be encouraged in Singapore to ensure animals are raised in a proper manner without inflicting pain on them. It encourages natural growth making the animal healthier and free from components or elements that can be harmful to your health. This will prevent animal maltreatment and preservation of their rights. It is as much a healthier way of consuming meats and fish. Halal catering allows for dietary restrictions even in events and adhere to the Muslim dietary low thereby maintaining and preserving the Islamic religion among both the young and old.