The Math Monkey Program

Although maths is a compulsory subject studied by all children at school, it is one that l many people find difficult to grasp. It is vital that a child can understand the basic concepts of mathematics to progress in this subject and then use the skills in their day-to-day life. If a child is struggling to master maths, then looking for alternative ways to support their learning may be necessary. One option is to use the Math Monkey Program.

The Math Monkey Program is aimed at four to 12-year-olds. The aim is to help children to learn through play and fun using Vedic Math. The teaching methods used are based on research by neuroscientists and they help children to process and retain information. Children are engaged in a variety of number-based games that will help them to learn the basics of maths.

One of the greatest advantages of using this program is that is a much more fun way for a child to learn maths than relying simply on traditional teaching methods. If a child is having fun in their learning, the chances of them grasping the topic are greatly increased. When a child finds something fun, it makes them more motivated to learn.

A further advantage of using the Program is that it works well regardless of a child’s preferred learning style. Some children learn best with visual materials and other prefer auditory or kinaesthetic methods of learning. The Program caters to all these different learning styles with a range of fun activities.

The Program is a great way for children to develop their maths skills while having fun throughout the learning process. Whether your child is having difficulty understanding maths or you simply want to support your child’s learning, the Math Monkey Program is a fun option to consider.