Furrtastic: Three of The Best Pets to Own

Owning a pet is a wonderful thing for many, and many people consider their pets as members of the family, children even. Having a pet is also a great way to teach kid’s responsibility and how to be kind and caring. However, not every animal makes a great pet, but there are a few great animals that make wonderful pets. Here are three animals that are great to have as pets, as well as the pros and cons of owning them.


Cats are one of the best animals to own as pets, and they make loyal companions to people of all ages. A cat can easily become a person’s best friend, and are sure to be the cutest topic of conversation for years to come. Here are a few pros and cons of owning a cat as a pet.


  • They’re easy to own and generally clean themselves/groom themselves.
  •  They’re loving, and if raised right could even do great around younger children without any danger.
  • They’re funny, cats can often find themselves in some pretty hilarious situations, and if you record it, you just may become famous, or at least the cat will.
  • They’re adorable, cats are seriously one of the most adorable animals available, how can anyone resist those long tails, little paws and cute meows?
  • They don’t chew on things normally.
  • They’re compact and easy to own, unlike their wild cousins, domesticated cats are small and are the perfect small pet for any family.
  •  They’re smart. You won’t ever see a cat run face forward into a glass door, or chase their tail for hours.


  • Their litter boxes can get quite smelly, and require scooping at least two times per day.
  •  While they don’t chew on things, they just may scratch on things.
  •  They may begin spraying if not neutered/spayed.
  •  They don’t always like constant attention, sometimes they just like to have some alone time.


Another classic animal to make the list would be dogs. Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, and for a good reason. They’re loyal, cute companions who genuinely care about their owners. They can also be great playmates for kids, if trained properly. There are many pros to owning a dog as a pet, but there are also cons, let’s go over some of them.


  • Dogs are naturally loyal, loving and forgiving.
  •  They have a lot of energy, and love to play.
  •  They don’t go to the bathroom inside of the house (normally) so there’s no stinky box or anything to clean.
  •  They can be protective of the one’s they love, and can help guard the house from intruders.



  • They chew on things, and some may go crazy if left alone and not in a crate to control them.
  • They may start marking their territory in the house if not fixed.
  • They can be expensive to feed, care for and take to the vet.
  • Not all dogs get along great with kids, but they can be trained to.


Hamsters are adorable and very easy to care for, they’re also a great choice for a first pet, especially for kids. They teach responsibility and care without being too demanding. The fact that their average life span is about 3 years also means that you don’t make a life long commitment when you get one.


  • They’re cute and they’re easy to care for. With feeding everyday and cage cleaning around once per week, they make low maintenance pets for those who don’t have much time.
  • They’re generally friendly. If handled correctly, hamsters are friendly and even playful.
  •  They don’t take up a lot of space or cause any noise.
  •  They don’t cause any damage to the house what so ever.


  •  Short life spans can mean saying goodbye to your hamster friend before you’re ready to.
  •  If their cage isn’t cleaned often enough, it will easily start to stink.
  •  They’re not 24/7 pets. You can’t play with a hamster 24/7 or have it walk around your house.
  •  They can’t really cuddle with you, or get to know their names or anything else bigger pets allow for.

Choosing a pet should be a fun process, so take some time and check out each different type of animal. There are so many great animals in the world that make wonderful pets, even those that weren’t listed here. Take some time and do some research and in not time you’ll have your new best friend.