The Importance Of Measuring The Impact Of Digital Marketing Campaigns

It is true that inbound marketing like SEO can be a highly effective way to raise brand awareness. However, it comes with responsibilities. For businesses which are determined to expand their customer base, designing an online platform and carving out a space for it is not always enough. Thus, it is critical to have measurable SEO campaign that show key success metrics that align with your business goal.

For sustained success, it is necessary to input time and cash in a range of different analytical approaches. These are essential if you are to guarantee that current marketing strategies are working. The measurable impact of promotional approaches is what needs to be analyzed, if a business is to enjoy any kind of insight into its own effectiveness.

The following features can be analyzed to determine the success of existing digital marketing campaigns.


Repeat Visits – the higher the number of repeat visits, the more valuable you can consider your website content to be. Plus, the more times a visitor returns to your online platform, the greater the likelihood of them becoming a client.

Bounce Rate – this statistic is closely related to repeat visits, because the two should be negatively linked. In other words, for a successful website, the bounce rate should be relatively low, and the number of repeat visits fairly high. The bounce rate lets you know how many visitors leave your website almost instantly.

Conversion Rate – you should keep a close eye on the conversion rate, because it will let you know how many visitors are turned into clients. The web pages with the highest conversion rates are performing well, and the ones with lower conversion rates than expected may need an overhaul.

Traffic Origins – this data will inform you as to the origin of the visitors interacting with your content. To be precise, it will tell you which websites they are traveling from to get to yours, so that you can invest more resources in these areas, and make the most of an abundant market.

Thus, are you measuring your digital marketing campaigns? It is essential to have a measurement model so that you will  be able to judge the success of your campaign. You can read more about Digital Marketing at Avanish Kaushik’s Blog Post.