Massage Chair Recliner

This chair is a unique chair that has a lot of advanced features. Even though the chair is a little pricey it is a very good chair. You can buy it in three different colors, black, brown, or tan. It has an intelligent 4 roller massage system with 3 different width settings. This chair has features such as:

  • powerful and realistic full body, seat and leg massage
  • it is flexible and conforms to the contour and shape of you back
  • 5 different auto programs
  • speed control
  • 3 different width settings
  • reclines 170 degrees
  • neck massage option
  • pinpionts neck stress
  • reaches the tailbone where most chairs miss
  • fatigue relieving air massage
  • has 20 airbags in the leg, thigh, and feet area
  • 6 levels of massage intensity
  • massages seat and calves
  • roll casters help move chair easily
  • has the feel of real leather
  • 1 year in home service and 2 years parts warranty included
  • can upgrade your warranty to 3 years for $299

As you can see you get a lot of features with this lovely massage chair. When you purchase the chair it comes in different parts. It is not hard to put together so dont worry about that. If you have back problems or leg problems ther chair should help you in many ways. For some people it helped alot but you have to figure out the right massager Singapore for your body.

Some settings can be worse on you than you think. Before you buy this chair they have others just like this made by the same company so look around and see what you are looking at before you try this one. Compare the features and maybe go to a store and see if you can try them out. You can buy something without trying it when it comes to something this expensive and this big. So see what features others have and go test out a few chairs even if it’s not for you try it before you buy it.