News Reporting Made Better by Google

Google News Lab has been created to transform the way news is created by tapping into technology and making it easier to find eyewitness videos from around the world. This hub also allows journalists to get search data to create stories based upon peoples’ interests. Google News Lab is to help with gathering of information, enhancing stories with visualization, and sharing stories with a wider audience. Technology and access to data can be used to create new media companies. Google news Lab is starting with USA, Germany, France and UK and later will expand to other countries.

Since technology (mobile phone with video and audio capabilities) has allowed everyday people to be able to record what is happening at any given time, Google has announced a tool that will enable these eyewitnesses and journalists the platform to upload news worthy events as they are happening, to be watched by the whole world. To achieve this goal, Google has made tutorials, showing journalists and mobile phone users how to use Maps, Earth, YouTube, Search and Fusion Tables in their reporting.


YouTube Newswire is a news feed service Google has created to focus on the most relevant events worldwide. Google has teamed up with Storyful, which is a social news agency, which will verify the most news worthy eyewitness videos every day. The First Draft Coalition is another aspect of YouTube Newswire, will educate journalists on how to verify eyewitness videos. People watch more that 5 million hours of news video on YouTube every day.

Google Trends, another pillar of News Lab, is a visual engine for Google queries that provides journalists with real time data, a Homepage with a list of trending stories, better cover for niche topics, and a daily selection of data sets.

In the past, there were only a few news reporting agencies and they were swaying the stories to reflect their way of thinking or the way they wanted us to think. Now with technology, the news will be reported more accurately and in such a way that we can form our own opinions. Also we will be able to see a different viewpoint.