Top 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Effective marketing is what can transform your business and help you increase your sales. The internet has revolutionized marketing practices and thanks to social media you can reach your clients and potential ones on different platforms such as Facebook. Facebook marketing can be very useful for your business if you avoid the following advertising mistakes.

Targeting the Wrong People

Your adverts should have a particular audience that you intend to convince to take up your products. Unfortunately, many business simply post adverts of Facebook and expect that they will help them increases their sales. You must stay clear of this and ensure that you have your ideal customer profile so that you can target them effectively using ‘likes’. If you want to reach out to Facebook groups, do so only with those that are in line with what you are offering for your adverts to have any impact.

Posting Adverts that Do Not Capture Attention

Facebook is full of adverts, and you should always strive to ensure that yours can capture as many people’s attention as possible. However, this is not always the case. It is common to see ads and messages that are wrongly sized, jumbled up or contain too much information. Users will always skim over such ads. Instead, focus on attention-grabbing headlines with clear and relevant images for your Facebook advertising campaign.

 Low Quality Posts

When you open a brand page on Facebook, what you post on it is of utmost importance. You must keep the page active by posting articles that will keep your followers engaged. Do not fill it with promotional information but rather have posts that your followers can relate with. You should also avoid just posting for the sake but make them interactive to increase your visibility.

 Failing to Track Conversions

Facebook lets you track your conversions through a feature known as Facebook Insights. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not even know about it. When you post an ad, you need to know how well it is doing and failing to follow up on it is just unacceptable. Tracking conversions is important and tells you how effective the advert is since you can easily calculate your ROI based on it.

Forgetting the Brand

Mentioning your company in Facebook adverts may sound like a necessity but not everyone does it. There are many ‘orphan’ adverts on Facebook that will leave you wondering about the company they are promoting. Always ensure that your brand is there, no matter how small the ad looks, otherwise, the advert is just spam to Facebook users.

Handling Negative Feedback Poorly

No company will ever be perfect. That said, you should always expect negative feedback once in a while. Many people take this feedback the wrong way and end up attacking those who posted the comments. Doing that affects your brand perception and might even lead to some customers leaving you. No matter how negative the comments may seem, always apologize offer to do better.

Lack of a Clear CTA

What do you want Facebook users to do after reading your post? Answering this questions helps you come up with a precise call to action. However, Facebook is full of ads that just promote products and companies without having a clear call to action. Therefore, always think of what you would like your followers to do with the information that you are giving them so that you can then include a CTA to your post.


Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to build a fan base, but you have to do it right. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will certainly create the awareness that you need for your products and thus land as many clients as possible.