Understanding Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Renovating a living space is an exciting and joyous experience for most, because it means that the home owners will be left with a better looking and better functioning living space at the end of the process. However, renovation is often a very messy and dirty process.

Home renovations can involve a myriad of messy activities including demolishing, building, cutting, drilling and painting walls, replacing floor boards, carpet or tiles, removing old appliance and fixtures, and installing new ones among other things. While these activities have the potential to significantly improve the look and function of a home, they have the unfortunate consequence of leaving behind a considerable mess.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, there have been established a significant number of businesses offering post renovation cleaning services. These services can include the removal of rubbish, general cleaning activities such as dusting and vacuuming, as well as specialized cleaning necessitated by the renovation process.

Renovating often involves installing new flooring, whether it be floor boards, carpet or tiles. However, this new flooring is more often than not left in a messy state. Therefore, post-renovation cleaners frequently remove paint from flooring, as well as vacuum and mop the floor.

Carpets which have been dirtied can be steam cleaned or vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner, ensuring a better result than what can be achieved with an average household vacuum.

Similarly, new appliances are wiped down and polished to ensure that there is no paint left on them. Details and fixtures such as door handles and faucets get the same treatment, ensuring that that there are no specks of paint remaining. Windows can often get dirty during this process, so wiping them down is usually required.

In cases where furniture was not removed from the relevant space before renovation, it is dusted and wiped clean.

The time required for the cleaning to be completed depends on the size of the living space. However, most small to average-sized dwellings are cleaned within a few hours.